Leaf Compost


Leaf Compost

Leaves are rich in the trace elements your soil needs.

Trees are an effective mineral extractor,We collect best quality leaf

compost from hilly areas. Specially icy hills where leaf composts becomes rich

in microbes and nutrients as the climate of the icy hills is cool and humid.

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Leaves are rich in the trace elements that soil needs. Trees are an effective mineral extractor,
50 to 80 percent of all the nutrients trees extract from the ground end up in the leaves.

Gathered at their peak and composted correctly, leaves will transfer this nutrition to the soil.
The leaves of most trees contain twice the mineral content of manure. Because they’re a form

of organic roughage,they can dramatically improve drainage and aeration of the soil. And they

provide the perfect nutrition for beneficial microbes. In short, they make soil come alive.

We collect the leaf compost from Hill area and sale.

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